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Trump's can-do Cabinet

President-elect Donald Trump has set forth a mission: to "Make America Great Again." He has set forth policies to accomplish just that and now he is building a team to meet the goals and objectives of that mission. 

I have to say that I am impressed with the talent the president-elect has attracted thus far to serve our country.

I know many of them personally and can attest firsthand to their passion and ability to get things done.

Some are new to government and some are returning in different roles, but all have the acumen and experience to achieve the mission at hand.

The president-elect's economic team thus far of Steven Mnuchin as secretary of the Treasury, Wilbur Ross as secretary of Commerce and Todd Ricketts as deputy secretary of Commerce exemplifies the very best business and trade minds in America today.

Trump made clear in the election that his mission is to reduce government regulation, cut taxes and engage in free and fair trade.

These business professionals are bottom line, results-oriented leaders.

Mnuchin brings Wall Street banking and investment experience. Ross is an international business leader fully familiar with how best to advance the goals and objectives of trade and investment to keep jobs in America and expand our exports. Ricketts is a young dynamic businessman and co-owner of the 2017 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs baseball franchise. He will be an excellent partner to Ross to lead the Department of Commerce in its mission to create economic growth and opportunity for American companies at home and abroad.

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